Anne Mahoney announces mayoral bid

School Committee Vice Chair to challenge Tom Koch

QUINCY—Anne Mahoney will challenge Mayor Tom Koch in the fall election, the School Committee vice chair announced today.

Mahoney, currently in her second term as a member of the School Committee, said she was prompted to run for mayor out of her concern for the direction in which the city is heading under the current administration.

“I love Quincy, and I can’t stand idly by and watch this administration steer our city in the wrong direction,” she said. “The current economy has placed many Quincy families in a precarious financial position, and yet the city continues to bond millions of dollars and give large raises to city department heads while residents are faced with property tax increases even as property values decline.

“The hard working citizens of Quincy deserve better,” Mahoney continued. “It is time for a mayor who will focus on the needs of residents and lead this city by delivering innovative solutions in an unsure economy.”

In addition to city finances, Mahoney – who holds a degree in finance – said she is concerned with the lack of attention the current administration has directed to such issues as crime and the city’s homeless population.

“When elected, I will provide true fiscal discipline to the city’s finances while also focusing on lowering the crime rate, promoting immediate economic development, championing our schools, and both acknowledging and addressing Quincy’s homeless problem,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney pledged to create an administration free from backroom deals and political nepotism and patronage – an issue she said has impacted how decisions are currently being made in Quincy.

“It’s become apparent that this administration puts hiring and promoting friends, family members and political cronies ahead of the best interests of the average resident,” Mahoney said. “If elected, I will ensure that our city government serves ALL the people, not merely the well-connected few.”

Mahoney shocked the local political establishment in 2005, when in her first run for public office she topped the ticket in a highly competitive School Committee race featuring 12 candidates.

“I have always been an underdog,” she said, noting that many of her opponents in that race had more political clout, greater name recognition and larger campaign accounts. “But I have a strong work ethic and a creative and energetic group of supporters from all over the city. I’m running to represent them and all the people of this city who deserve a city government that serves the people, not the other way around!”

A Quincy native, Mahoney is the fourth generation of her family to live in her West Quincy home at 12 Ferriter St. A graduate of the Quincy Public Schools, she attended Suffolk University, graduating with a degree in finance. A strategic marketing consultant, Mahoney started Cyclone Design, Inc., a graphic design company, in Quincy Center in 1993. She and her husband, Kevin Mahoney, are the parents of three children – Maggie, 16; Liam, 13; and Rory, 8, all of whom attend the Quincy Public Schools.

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