Anne Mahoney announces bid for Mayor

Candidate pledges a new day for Quincy through decisive new leadership

QUINCY—School Committee Member Anne Mahoney announced today that she is running for mayor of Quincy.

Mahoney, who previously ran for mayor in 2011, said she was prompted to make a second run for the office out of her continuing concern over the city’s current management.

“Quincy is ready for new leadership,” said Mahoney, now serving her third term on the School Committee. “If the city is to move forward, we need a bold, decisive mayor who has the skills and experience to make wise decisions – a mayor who can foresee problems on the horizon and take steps to address them. I have the skills, the record and the commitment to do the job.”

Mahoney said she was encouraged to run for mayor again by residents who have lost faith in the current administration’s ability to manage the city effectively. She pointed to the stalled downtown redevelopment project, the controversy over the FEMA flood maps and the closing of Quincy Medical Center as examples of the current administration’s inability to execute the kind of change needed to move Quincy forward.

“In each of these cases, there were numerous red flags signaling trouble for the citizens of Quincy,” Mahoney said. “But in each case, the city’s leadership waited until the situation had developed into a full-blown crisis, when it was too late to mount an effective response. That’s not leadership.”

Mahoney said she would draw on her background in finance and two decades of business experience to restore fiscal discipline and more professional management practices to the mayor’s office, dealing with any signs of trouble before they reach the crisis stage.

“The people of Quincy deserve a proactive leader who not only has a vision, but also the ability to execute that vision,” she said. “I have a positive vision for the City of Quincy. Our historic city is brimming with untapped potential and as mayor, I will make that positive vision a reality. By working together and including everyone, we will take Quincy from ordinary to extraordinary.”

A Quincy native, Mahoney is the fourth generation of her family to live in her West Quincy home at 12 Ferriter St. A graduate of the Quincy Public Schools, she received a degree in finance from Suffolk University. She has decades of experience as a  senior-level marketing executive, currently serving as a strategic digital marketing professional for a national bank.

Mahoney and her husband, Kevin Mahoney, are the parents of three children – Maggie, 19, a sophomore at The Massachusetts College of Art; Liam, 17, a senior at Quincy High School; and Rory, 12, a 7th grader at Central Middle School.

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