June 06, 2017
Contact: Kevin Mahoney

Councillor-At-Large Announcement

Candidate promises to bring proven leadership, independence and a voter’s voice to the Quincy City Council.



Anne Mahoney

54 Years Young!

12 Ferriter Street

Quincy, Ma 02169


Business professional and former small business owner with over 27 years of experience.

Marketing Manager, Santander Bank - Boston, MA

Graduate of Suffolk University with a BA in Finance


Former School Committee Member - 2006-2016

Former School Committee Vice Chairman - 2010 and 2011


Currently City Councilor-at-Large - 2017-2019

            Chair: Education

            Chair: MuniTech Information Management

            Vice Chair: Downtown & Economic Growth

            Vice Chair: Oversight


Mother of three children, all of whom graduated from and or currently attend Quincy Public Schools. Maggie 24, Liam 22 and Rory 17.

Taxpayer for over 25 years


If re-elected, my top priorities will be: to continue to scrutinize city spending, increase government transparency, and demand an economic plan to attract businesses and amenities. I will always stand up to overdevelopment, push for a complete traffic plan, and continue to champion our schools.


City Hall continues to look for new ways to spend your tax dollars. The City Council needs to be a watchdog for taxpayers.  Any frivolous proposals need to be defeated, so the cost of these plans doesn't result in increased property taxes.


I believe I have made increased transparency a top priority. I feel my obligation is to let you know how your money is spent, who's getting paid, and if they are qualified for the job they have been given. I will continue to push until we have an Open Checkbook system that allows everyone to view government transactions in real-time.


Neighboring cities and towns have increased their economic base with stores and entertainment amenities Quincy residents have come to envy. We need to identify and target the kind of businesses we want to see in Quincy and develop a cohesive plan to bring them to Quincy. As your Councilor-at-Large, I raised questions about the Economic Development Department and pushed to have them before the Council to review their strategies and efforts. Let me assure you we can do more!


We continue to see an enormous amount of development in our city. Most of it is still large apartment complexes or multi-unit developments sprouting up in lots once occupied by single-family homes. I have stood up to developers, questioned the integrity of their plans, and pointed out suspect traffic studies. I have helped neighbor associations organize throughout the city so all our neighborhoods can be better prepared to fight overdevelopment. The City Council will soon be undergoing a full city zoning review. I will move to amend zoning laws to preserve the character of Quincy.


Traffic is not a new issue, but it continues to get worse due to increased development throughout Quincy.  I proposed smart traffic signals during my first campaign, and it was great to see those adopted. Now we must analyze this data and adjust and apply our findings to other busy intersections. I will continue to push for a comprehensive plan that addresses increased automobile traffic, ensures the safety of pedestrians, and incorporates opportunities for bicycles and alternative energy vehicles.


Voters should re-elect me as City Councillor-at-Large because I believe I have fulfilled the promises I made two years ago. I said I would be independent, prepared, and stand up for the residents of Quincy. I have brought a new level of scrutiny to city government. I may have ruffled some feathers along the way. I certainly "don't go along to get along." I have voiced concern over poor city planning, increased spending, and development projects that hurt our neighborhoods. Sometimes I am the only dissenting vote. Recently, I was the only councilor to vote against the LDA. Why? Because I believe the two FoxRock development projects (Downtown and Hospital Hill) are linked and this created an opportunity for the Council to get some remediation on the Hospital Hill project. I think a "yes" vote sold out an entire neighborhood, essentially leaving them to fend for themselves with the largest and densest development in the city. I stood with Quincy's neighbors because that is what you elected me to do.


Some things I am proud of:

I advocated for my fellow MBTA commuters. Having Wollaston station closed and other MBTA construction projects happening at the same time has caused a great deal of hardship for Quincy's commuters. As a determined and vocal representative, I got remediation, including additional shuttle busses, Charlie Cards (subway passes) honored on the Commuter Rail, and reduced parking fees. I will continue to speak up for Quincy commuters as these projects progress in Quincy Center and North Quincy.


QPride Day. When I ran for office, I promised Quincy's LBGTQ community I would help them get the recognition they deserved. What started as a small group of friends and volunteers around my kitchen table led to Quincy's first LGBTQ celebration in June of 2018. We have now celebrated two annual QPride Days, and these efforts have led to Quincy Pride, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.


Disability Commission. I led the way towards the reinstatement of Quincy's Commission on Disability.  Our city has changed dramatically, and we need to promote the inclusion and integration of our residents with disabilities in activities, services, and employment opportunities in our community. I am very proud! This November, they will be having their first meeting.


I have instituted summer work updates. Instead of waiting until the fiscal year-end budget, we can now measure the progress of newly funded projects. These updates will allow us to determine if these projects are within budget and meeting expectations.


These past two years have gone by quickly, and I have learned a great deal about how our city conducts the people's business. For the first time, in a long time, your questions are being asked. Let me be clear, If the city has a good project, I will support it but if it doesn't make fiscal sense, is poorly planned or simply creates more jobs for connected individuals I will continue to stand up and say no.


I look forward to continuing on the City Council and I humbly ask for 1 of your three votes for Quincy City Councilor-At-Large.


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