Drug Epidemic

As your mayor, Anne Mahoney will:

  • Work with and support the attorney general’s office and our state legislative leaders to push for better controls on prescription painkillers, a “pharmacy lock-in” to restrict suspected “doctor shoppers,” and public outreach programs to educate people on the dangers of prescription painkillers and heroin
  • Support early intervention, drug treatment, and recovery efforts through family and community assisted intervention efforts, detox and recovery programs, and alternatives to incarceration
  • Work with school administrators to encourage and incorporate information on heroin and prescription pill abuse, into high school and middle school health class curriculum
  • Create a public education campaign including PSAs on cable TV and social media to alert our young people to the dangers of prescription pill abuse and heroin
  • Move substance abuse assistance links to prominent locations on the home page of the City of Quincy and Quincy Public School's websites
  • Support and promote integration of mental health care to address some of the root causes of addiction


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