Quincy needs a mayor who will make the public education of Quincy students a priority. As a member of the Quincy School Committee and the parent of three (one is now at Mass College of Art) Quincy Public Schools students, Anne Mahoney has demonstrated her commitment to Quincy schools.

As your mayor, Anne will:

  • Invest in our schools and acknowledge their importance as a true economic driver for keeping our city vital
  • Build a new Sterling Middle School (Anne attended Sterling Middle School)
  • Maintain existing Sterling Middle School building for future educational needs
  • Create and implement a technology investment plan, that keeps an eye on the future while ensuring that all technology is current and compatible
  • Restore art to the core curriculum.
  • Increase vocational and career course sharing between the high schools, modifying existing curriculum to meet the demands and prepare our students for future career paths
  • Research the academic, social and cost savings of bringing special education programs in-house
  • Expand collaborations with other school districts to save money on purchasing opportunities for schools

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