Energy Management Plan

As your mayor, Anne Mahoney will:

  • Explore new energy efficient lighting technologies and replacement of incandescent traffic signals with LED bulbs.
  • Installation of occupancy sensors for rooms and other spaces in municipal buildings
  • Request with all RFPs, municipal building contractor's specify the same sophisticated energy management system that city uses to provide energy use reports to city departments and staff so they can track their usage and improve energy efficiency
  • Municipal departments must purchase hybrid, alternative-fueled (including electric), or high-efficiency vehicles whenever possible.
  • Established a motor pool using car-sharing technology, allowing the city to reduce the fleet size and maximize the use of existing stock.
  • Have DPW collect and track total number of kilowatts of resident’s and businesses energy projects
  • With the help
    Electric Vehicle Incentive Program grant
     of programs like "MassEVIP: Workplace Charging Program," install city-operated but publicly available electric vehicle charging station

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