Government Transparency

Quincy residents deserve an open and transparent city government.

As your mayor, Anne Mahoney will:

  • Implement Open Checkbook to help bring about a true level of transparency to Quincy’s Governments financial dealings
  • List all open Request for Proposals (RFP's) on the city website and disclose winning bids and presentations
  • Begin the process of Open Data integration, putting all government data on-line, available 24/7 for all citizens to see and use
  • Stream all City Council, School Committee and subcommittee meetings live on the internet so the public can have true access to government decisions
  • Redesign the city website to create a better and more useful experience, including making the website responsive so that all features are easily accessible from a mobile device or tablet
  • Add a visual library of all fleets and any new vehicle or equipment requests so the public can monitor how their tax dollars are being spent and by which departments
  • Have all major departments promote programs, public service announcements and road closures via social media
  • Request, monitor and measure residents’ feedback posted to sites like Twitter and Facebook; The more feedback we are receiving as a government, the better we can make management decisions and allocate resources and provide better services for our constituents
  • Research and increase use of web apps. MyPD, NextDoor, ClickFix (currently in use but hard to find) are just a few used by cities around the state and country


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