Mahoney calls on Koch to withdraw DPW job offer to Raymondi

QUINCY—Mayoral candidate Anne Mahoney today called on Quincy Mayor Tom Koch to withdraw his offer of the DPW Commissioner’s position to Ward 2 City Councilor Daniel Raymondi.

In announcing her candidacy last week, Mahoney pledged to lead a city administration free from political patronage, nepotism and back room deals.  She called on Mayor Koch to demonstrate his commitment to ending such practices by withdrawing the job offer to Raymondi.

“Councilor Raymondi has had a long, distinguished career as a ward councilor, school committee member and Norfolk County treasurer,” Mahoney said. “But that doesn’t make him qualified to run the city’s Public Works department. I’ve listened to Mayor Koch’s reasoning for choosing Mr. Raymondi, and like many residents, I’ve come to the conclusion that this job offer is based on politics, not professional qualifications.”

Since formally announcing her campaign last week, Mahoney said numerous residents have contacted her to express their outrage at what many see as a blatant political appointment designed to boost significantly the 63-year-old Raymondi’s pension while removing a potential mayoral challenger from Koch’s future.

“People are angry – they tell me they see this job offer as a slap in the face,” Mahoney said. “With so many Quincy residents unemployed or underemployed, giving a $110,000 a year position that has huge pension ramifications to someone with no prior public works experience reinforces the belief that in the Koch administration, it’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Mahoney also noted that there has been much talk around the city about a deep rift within the DPW between supporters of Mayor Koch and those who supported his predecessor, Mayor William Phelan.

“The situation at the DPW is symbolic of the rift that still exists across the city between Koch and Phelan supporters,” Mahoney said. “Tom Koch has had three and a half years to try and heal this rift for the good of the city, but he has squandered those opportunities.

“By offering Dan Raymondi a $110,000 position based on politics and family tradition instead of merit and experience, Tom Koch is only exacerbating those divisions.”

Mahoney noted that, unlike most cities in Massachusetts, the City of Quincy doesn’t publicly post available job openings– something she will change if elected.

“Why is it that people who want to work for the city of Boston, or Cambridge, or New Bedford or countless other Massachusetts cities can go online and see a list of all available job openings, but residents of Quincy can’t do the same in their own hometown?” she asked.

“As mayor, I’ll ensure that all available city job postings are made publicly available on the city website, with the Mass. Municipal Association, newspapers and other outlets, so that everyone has a chance to apply for them,” Mahoney continued. “I’ll lead by example and ensure that city hiring is based on qualifications, not connections.”

The vice chairman of the Quincy School Committee, Mahoney is currently serving her second term on the committee, having topped the ticket in both of her School Committee elections.

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