Mahoney to hold mayoral campaign kick-off June 22

QUINCY—Anne Mahoney will kick off her campaign for mayor with a reception to be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 22 at the Tirrell Room, 254 Quarry St., Quincy. The suggested donation is $20.

Currently in her second term as a member of the Quincy School Committee, Mahoney is challenging Mayor Thomas Koch in the fall elections.

“I’ve been very encouraged by the support I’ve received since announcing my candidacy,”  Mahoney said. “I’m looking forward to launching my campaign and going door to door to meet voters, hear their ideas and most importantly, listen to their concerns. That’s one of the things I think our current administration should do more often: Listen.”

Mahoney said residents have told her they are troubled by what they perceive as an arrogance on the part of the current administration. It is a feeling that they do not have any say in how the city is run. This is something that I will address immediately. The office of mayor is there to serve the people of Quincy, not the other way around.

“There’s a sense that our current mayor thinks he can do whatever he wants, regardless of what the people think or how it impacts residents, taxpayers and city coffers,” Mahoney said. “The whole reason I got into politics was because I wanted to represent the average resident on the School Committee, to give parents a voice. As mayor, I will continue to listen to residents; I will never lose sight of the fact that I am there to serve the people of Quincy, and that means listening and taking their views into consideration.”

Currently serving as vice chairman of the School Committee, Mahoney holds a degree in finance from Suffolk University and is a consultant to for a leading financial institution. She previously Previously, she was an executive in the health care/technology sector and in 1993 founded Cyclone Design, a marketing company, in Quincy Center. Mahoney and her husband, Kevin, are the parents of three children, all of whom attend the Quincy Public Schools.

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