School Committee

School Building Needs

(Facility Management and New Construction)
  • Submitted alternative site plan that has now been approved for the New Central Middle School. This change averted costly eminent domain land takings and kept viable businesses on our shrinking tax roles. Urged Mayor to deal directly with Archdiocese of Boston to expedite the siting process.
  • Focused on site selection and construction of a new Quincy High School. Result: A state-of-the-art school is finally open and educating our children
  • Ensured proper State School Building Assistance Program paperwork was submitted for Central & Sterling Middle Schools. Result: A Central Building Committee has been formed and Sterling remains on the MSBA list of priority schools
  • Sitting member of the Central Building Committee

Health Safety and Security

  • Pro actively addressed traffic concerns and safety issues regarding our schools
  • Participated in the review of the Wellness Policy. Policy has been instituted system-wide. Soda has been removed from all schools and replaced with healthy choices of water and juice
  • System wide testing of intercoms. Requested a protocol be established for testing intercoms, ensuring that safety procedures are not neglected
  • Security equipment monitored and tested. Damaged equipment is identified and cross referenced with the Facility Management Committee for repair
  • Establishment of communication protocol for evacuation and lock-down drills. The information is communicated to parents prior to drills so families can discuss safety activities with their children
  • Banned Heelies (Skate Shoes) from use in the schools and on gymnasium floors


  • Worked to limit budget cuts that adversely impact educational programs and classroom size
  • Fought for educational resources for all of our students
  • Worked with Director of Curriculum to identify Grant Opportunities
  • Worked on a special committee to review and apply for Federal Stimulus money


  • Worked with the IT Department on improvements to the Quincy Public School's website
  • Pushed for the speedy implementation of Instant Alert System. Now QPS systems can communicate urgent information (school closings, delays and early pickups) to families through various options including phone messages and email messages
  • Attended City Wide PTO Meetings, Guest Speaker at Community Centers and PTO nights and various other events to get a pulse on the needs in the community


  • Advocated for and instituted Full-Day Kindergarten
  • Homework Policy (regarding homework during vacations) was updated and communicated to principals
  • Improvements to middle school progress reports. Policy was retooled and implemented to ensure it was meeting parents expectations. An audit of the progress reports was done. Reports were not meeting expectations and are being reevaluated for further refinement
  • Participated in full overhaul of QPS Policy - Creation of QPS Institution Policy as well as day to day operations and procedural guidelines are underway and will soon be completed
  • Created a policy to supply Agenda books to 4th and 5th graders, providing them with critical organizational skills before entering middle school
  • Updated report cards for elementary schools

Special Education Opportunities

  • Been an active member of the ARRA Stimulus Grant Task Team, which focuses on identifying critical resources and program needs, staff levels and establishment of a Reading Academy
  • Worked closely with QPAC and Quincy Administration to establish meeting agendas with global goals to make our quarterly meetings more efficient and productive

Additional Efforts and Information

  • Supported saving the Foreign Language Program and helped save 6 out of the 10 teachers
  • Does not support the track at Faxon Field due to flooding, safety and traffic issues. Advocate for a practical track site so our kids can once again compete on a regulation track in their own hometown
  • Helped organize a city-wide group of parents and teachers in opposition to a 2008 school budget cut of 3 million dollars. SOS (Save Our Schools!) helped partially return $1.5 million dollars and helped save jobs and extend programs that surely would have been lost
  • Constant advocate for text books and classroom technology
  • Supports timely and descriptive Student Progress Reports
  • Avid Supporter of school Robotics Team
  • Supporter of more Music, Art and Theatre in our schools

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