Streets & Parks

As your mayor, Anne Mahoney will:


  • Develop Complete Streets guidelines where streets are designed to increase safety and efficiency for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists of all ages and abilities
  • Increase use of The Pavement Condition Index (PCI), an objective measure of which roads are in need of maintenance, which are in good condition, and which roads need reconstruction. The PCI provides a solid basis for engineering decisions, and removes politics from the plan
  • Employ Snow Common Operation Picture (SnowCOP) – an interactive web application (being used by the City of Boston) that connects real-time citizen observations with actual plow assignments and current plow locations so resources can be better allocated during snow events
  • Work with the Quincy Bicycle Commission towards the addition of additional bike lanes to Quincy roadways
  • Use of smartphones by pothole crews. Residents will receive photo confirmation to prove the repairs were completed


  • Construct Quincy’s first off-leash dog park.
    (Off-leash parks promote not only vital exercise for our canine friends but true community and safety in our parks.)
  • Allow online scheduling of park facilities to eliminate double booking of venues
  • Increase arts and health programming for our parks
  • Support "Adopt a Tree" and "Adopt a Bench" programs for our parks
  • Partner with neighborhood garden associations to update and spruce up local parks, planters and traffic islands
  • Champion local neighborhood garden efforts and promote Quincy's hidden jewels

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