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Agora Online Townhall -

Agora is a Cambridge company that allows cities and communities to host online townhall forums and meetings. It is designed on the premise that constituents, even if they really care about an issue, might not be able to attend a 4pm license meeting, or a 6:30pm school committee or council meeting, due to work or family commitments. Might be worth exploring as Mayor!

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South Shore Commuters habitual blocking major intersections in Quincy

Quincy is a MAJOR cut through for commuters traveling into Boston from south shore communities. These commuters habitually block major intersections in our city for SEVERAL HOURS during the morning and evening commutes. (ie; Sea St/Quincy Shore Drive, Furance Brook Pkwy/Quincy Shore Drive, Southern Artery/Washington St, and many intersections along Hancock Street in Wollaston/North Quincy). The first thing Quincy needs is signage indicating the fees for breaking the law by blocking intersections. And then we need to enforcement of the law! If people must pay a fine in order to treat each other with respect, than so be it! The people of Quincy have suffered their rude, selfish behavior enough! I have seen more cars than not block the very clearly labeled BLUE stripe lane for police vehicles to exit the Station, and nothing is done about it. The decision to allow the Stop & Shop Gas Station to open at that particular intersection has only worsened the rude and selfish behavior. We continue to develop housing in Quincy, increasing the traffic problems, yet nothing is done to force the public to obey the RULES of the road! Maybe some of the focus to control speeding into Adams' Shore, Germantown, and Hough's Neck could be diverted to stopping the cause of daily aggravation that these residence must suffer attempting to get home after work. Maybe some of the revenue received from enforcing these laws could be used to repair the very overused pavement! Thank you for considering my suggestions.

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